World Moms Blog is a collaborative international website which writes from over 20 countries on the topics of motherhood, culture, human rights and social good.  In 2012 the global site was listed by Forbes Woman in their “Top 100 Websites for Women.”

Our Mission Statement:

  • Connecting mothers around the world through their stories.
  • Promoting understanding and tolerance of other cultures, religions and nationalities.
  • Encouraging discussion of important motherhood, parenting, cultural and human rights topics.
  • Creating a support system for mothers via the web site.
  • Helping to promote our writers.
  • To strive to create opportunities for social good to make the lives of mothers and children better around the planet.

World Moms Blog GAVI Global Tea Party in India hosted by our editor, Purnima Ramakrishnan.

Additional information…

As busy mothers we often find ourselves without the time to be jet-setting around the planet.  So, we invite you to come travel the world with us, through our global writers.  Visit our Contributors’ Page for a current list of the countries we report from.  Our writers include a stay-at-home mom in India, an international journalist in London, an international human rights lawyer in the USA, an English professor in the United Arab Emirates, an oncology nurse in Israel, and a humanitarian consultant in Kenya, to name a few!

Our contributors also publish our World Voice column, which combines our articles on human rights and social good.

World Moms Blog GAVI Global Tea Party in NYC, USA organized by Denise Paredes.

Most recently, we have been working with global foundations, such as the GAVI Alliance in Switzerland and the United Nations Foundation in Washington, DC to brainstorm how our mothers can help the plight of mothers and children around the world.  These conversations led us to create the “GAVI Global Tea Party.”

A team of our contributors has volunteered to throw grass-roots GAVI Global Tea Parties around the globe to advocate for life-saving vaccines for children in the developing world.  World Moms Blog is also working voluntarily with GAVI in creating a global documentary based on these parties for social good. In addition, World Moms Blog contributors can also be found advocating for Shot@Life in the US, where their efforts have raised over $4,000 already in 2012 for the cause.

Also, we are a community partner with ONEMoms, a part of the organization,

We invite you to travel with us — our modes of transport are always on time, even if you’re not — join us whenever you’d like to log in. We hope you enjoy these daily excursions without having to pack your bags!

If you are interested in contributing to World Moms Blog, please send an e-mail to contribute2[at]worldmomsblog[dot]com with the country you are writing from and a writing sample or link to your writing.


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